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The combined years of experience of the members in Finnegan’s Crossing is more than they would probably like to admit. However with age comes experience as they say, and these boys have a ton of it. The origins of Finnegan’s Crossing go back a few years, and more than a few blues jams around Kansas City. The timing wasn’t on track back then, and the stars weren’t aligned quite right. Drummer Steve Bister would be looking to start his own group, and guitarist Dan Finnegan would already be busy in a band. A few months down the road the opposite would happen, but they would still find each other at the local open jam sessions. Jam sessions would inspire the boys to explore a song, and what you can do with it to make it more than your average cover of a three minute radio classic. They liked that jam sessions allowed musicians to communicate and express themselves in the song. It also lets musicians connect to an audience on a personal level.


In 2014 things started coming together for the boys although they didn’t know it yet. Steve and Dan along with bassist Brian Watts were all playing in the same local band when it started to lose momentum. Well like they say, “bands come and go; you got to keep on playing.” In the down time between shows the trio would keep their chops up by jamming on old songs, and working on new ones, playing the songs with their own unique sound and style. When things fizzled out with the old band they were ready to hit the ground running, and that’s when keyboardist Ken Burke joined the group. Ken’s keyboard style complements the sound and style the boys wanted to produce: the rockin’ sound of the American band. Soulful blues…rock-n-roll. A Stratocaster guitar pushed through a tube amp, that B-3 organ growl, a solid drum beat, and a grooving bass line; that’s Finnegan’s Crossing, and that's your American band.



The word on the street is that Dan is not good at Guitar Hero. That's ok because on stage he gets the high score. Dan gets a power up with his pedal board which has more pedals than a Schwinn factory, and more cable connections than ComCast.





Ken Burke was voted "SEXIEST KEYBOARDIST ALIVE" (in a 4 square foot area between 7:05-7:08 PM on April 30, 2015) by one little old lady who may or may not have thought she was signing a petition to not allow oil fracking operations in her backyard.



It's the truth! Steve's rural Nebraska high school was so small ("how small was it?") that it competed in "eight man football". And before anyone asks: no, there was no official "cow tipping" team at his high school. That was strictly a club sport.





Rumor has it that Brian auditioned for the part of the Cowardly Lion for his college production of "The Wizard of Oz". Since Brian doesn't like to speak on stage, he ended up in the role of Flying Monkey. The question is does he still have the monkey costume?

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